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Accident & Income


24-7, Worldwide. Protects professionals of varying risk exposures
Premium starts from $102/year 

Personal Accident insurance provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death as a direct result of accidents. Whether you are a staff of a company, working freelance or a student, Personal Accident insurance is a cost-effective way of protecting yourself against accidents.

There are many Personal Accident plans in the market. Through working with our insurance partners, Starlight is able help our clients acquire affordable plans that cover media & art professionals while they are at work.

Here are some of the benefits: 

  • 24-hour, Worldwide protection

  • Medical Expense reimbursement

  • Infectious Diseases cover

  • Food Poisoning cover

  • Lump-sum Benefit for broken bones, permanent disablement, and death

  • Daily Hospital Allowance

  • Weekly Income Benefit


Premium starts from:

- S$102 a year for office-based occupations, such as Writers, Editors, Animators  

- S$121 a year for outdoor, non-manual occupations such as Producers, Directors, Event Planners, Stage Managers


Photographers, Cinematographers and Technical crew can make huge savings too. Please refer to our Equipment + Personal Accident page for more information.


Like all working adults, media & art professionals have financial commitments to meet. Whether you are a freelance professional, employee or business owner, your income pays for everything. Needless to say, income stability is important.


Income Protection Insurance replaces your monthly income should you be unable to work due to injury or prolonged illness, and may just be the most important insurance that you would need.


To find out how Income Protection Insurance works, please read our blog post: Why Media Professionals need Income Protection Insurance

Whether you are a performer, working with machinery or from heights, having the right insurance coverage is of paramount importance. Here are the occupations of some of our clients:

  • Cinematographers, Videographers

  • Photographers, Drone Pilots

  • Sound Recordists, Boom Operators

  • Grips and Gaffers

  • Stunt Persons

  • Actors, Host, Performers

  • Dancers, Choreographers

  • Sound Engineers, Lighting Technicians

  • Stage Managers

  • Art Directors, Props & Set Builders

  • Painters, Ceramists, Sculptors

We welcome inquiries from all media & art professionals and students. Drop us a request for a brochure.

What you'll need to know...
"The Medical Expense Reimbursement" benefit in Personal Accident insurance plans is meant to meet outpatient expenses, for instance, if you need to visit a GP or TCM clinic for a mild injury. The claim limit for this benefit is low and is insufficient to cover large hospitalization bills.


Surgeries & hospital stays are more suitably met by Hospitalisation insurance - such as MediShield Life or Private-Integrated Shield plan for Singapore residents.

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