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Art & Collectibles

Protect valuable pieces, galleries & exhibitions
What is covered in a Fine Arts Insurance Policy?

There are several plans in the market for Fine Art insurance. Depending on the type of plan selected, insurance coverage could include the following:

  • Repair & restoration costs

  • Emergency evacuation of the collection

  • Coverage for exhibition premise

  • Automatic cover for new acquisitions Pairs, sets or parts cover

  • International transit and worldwide customer support

Coverage for Exhibitions & Premises 

The intrinsic worth of some art pieces and collectibles could far surpass monetary value.  For Private collectors, art dealers, museums and galleries, we understand your concerns and can assist you in customising a policy that will suit your needs. 

Here are some of the insurance covers taken up by our clients: 

  • Event insurance for exhibitions & auctions

  • Full premise covers for museum and galleries

How can I insure the art pieces or antiques that I am filming/ photographing?

Should you be filming or photographing art pieces, jewelry, antiques or collectibles, the items could be

handled by multiple parties and transported from one location to another. These activities increase the risk of damage, especially if the items are taken overseas.


You could check with us if these items can be insured under the "Props" or "Entrusted Property" section of a Film All-Risk insurance policy. 


Items of extremely high value may require a specialised Fine Art Insurance policy.

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