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Project Management |

Company Accounting 

& Taxation 

Relax & leave the hassle to us

We work with: 

  • Companies

  • Start-ups 

  • Freelance professionals 

  • Students 

Got a great idea?

We'll help you bring your project to fruition by providing project management & administrative support. 

Our team has many years of experience handling these projects & we're here to share our expertise with you.

   - feature films, international co-productions

   - documentaries & other long forms 

   - corporate videos, short films 

   - events, exhibition, festivals

Project Management Service

Detailed Preparation

  • Assist you in coming up with detailed timeline & budget

  • Plan ahead on how to manage cashflow 

Stay on Budget 

  • Manage expenses during the duration of the project

  • Tabulate claims & reimbursements

Bring to Completion

  • Full set of accounts for each project 

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