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Filming or photography with drones is fast becoming a norm. As easy as flying a drone may seem, the use of a drone can involve many risks. 

In extreme cases, drones could cause damage to private properties or severe injuries to passersby.


It is, therefore, necessary for professionals & companies who use drones to acquire the necessary insurance protection.

Drone Insurance covers most risks associated with flying a drone & comprises of the following:

1. Equipment Damage - Pays for repair or replacement in case of physical damage to the vehicle, camera, sensors, controls

2. Third-Party Liability - Protects against damage or losses caused to private or public properties and bodily injuries to members of the public

Features of the policy: 

  • Geographic Limits - You can choose to cover within your home, within Asia, or Worldwide.

  • Duration of Cover - Policies can be issued for the short term - to cover a project or annually - to cover all drone usage within a year.

  • Both leisure and commercially-used drones can be covered.


If you are using drones as part of a production shoot, consider getting a Film All Risk insurance policy. 

It is an affordable insurance package which covers all the risks associated with film & video productions. With additional premiums, the policy can cover drone filming. Please visit our Film Production page.

If you need more than one type of insurance coverage, the Drone insurance can be issued as part of your annual business insurance package for easy administration. Please visit our Company Package page for more information.

Should you wish to insure other types of media equipment, please visit our Media Equipment page.

Drone & Aerial 


Commercial & leisure drones
Covers damage to equipment & 3rd parties
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