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All-Risk covers for indoor & outdoor events, held locally or overseas

Companies that are involved in organising and managing events could be exposed to a myriad of risks.

May it be injuries to crew or attendees, or losses due to postponement, an Event-All-Risk insurance package covers a wide range of contingencies and offers much-needed protection to companies in case the unforeseen happens.

Customisable to your needs, an Event-All-Risk package can include:
  • Events Liability - protects the insured against lawsuits and claims made relating to bodily injury of others and property damage to the rented premise.

  • Cancellation & Abandonment - protects the insured against an event being postponed, relocated, canceled or abandoned due to unforeseen circumstances

  • Non-Appearance - insures against losses following the unforeseen non-appearance of a person/s whose role is vital to the event - such as the performer (or performing group), host or key speaker 

  • Group Personal Accident - protection for talents, staff, crew and volunteers 

  • Other types of insurance covers may need to be taken up, depending on the nature of the event

Policies can be issued to cover events held locally, overseas, or even in multiple countries.

Event Insurance provides protection for many types of indoor and outdoor events.

Here are some examples:

Media & Arts

• Hosted events at public locations

• Theatre productions

• Dance performances

• Musical concerts

• Cultural / Arts festivals

• Singing or dance competitions

• Open auditions


• Religious ceremonies & outdoor performances, such as Getai & auctions

Download Event Liability Form 
(for single event or series of related events)

Annual insurance plans are available for companies who are looking for all-year protection.

Please contact us directly for more information.

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