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Film-All-Risk Insurance Package

Comprehensive worldwide coverage

This insurance cover has been taken up for:

  • Feature films

  • Documentaries 

  • TV/ web series

  • Commercials

  • Student films

  • Corporate videos

  • Short films

Film & video productions are susceptible to a plethora of risks.
Starlight tells you more about Film Production Insurance

Injury to an actor can lead to suspension of a production; camera malfunction can necessitate a reshoot; damaged props can be expensive to replace; and access to filming locations could be lost for any number of reasons.

Film-All-Risk insurance is designed to take care of the whole spectrum of exposures associated with film & video productions, whether you are filming in one or multiple countries.

Key Features


  • Underwritten by an international insurer

  • Applies to productions that are filmed in Singapore, overseas or in multiple countries

  • Covers from pre to post production

Each policy covers: 
  • a single production - e.g. a feature film, documentary, TVC, corporate video, short film
  • a production series - e.g. a drama/documentary series, a series of corporate videos/short films/TVCs for the same platform or corporate client
  • a collective of student films (from the same institution)  
  • Only Singapore-registered companies (or institutions) can apply
  • FIlm-All-Risk is a short-term, project-basis insurance cover. If you are looking for insurance plans that cover for the whole year, please go to Annual Company Package. 


Film-All-Risk insurance is a pre-packaged product consisting of the following covers (& more):

  • Support - covers additional expenses following the physical loss, damage or deterioration of film, soundtrack, videotape & other digital support. Protects up to post-production

  • Producers’ Indemnity - covers financial losses arising from a postponement, stoppage or abandonment of the shoot due to accidental damage or burglary of filming equipment, sets, vehicles and key location/facility


  • Public Liability - covers the insured's legal liability to pay compensation for loss or damage to the property of others


  • Production Equipment - covers physical loss or damage to the cameras, sound, lighting, grip, editing and other equipment used in the production

  • Extreme Weather - pays for losses due to delay, postponement or cancellation due to extreme weather such as floods, hurricane (normal rain is not consider 'extreme weather') 


  • Props, Sets & Wardrobe; Entrusted properties - covers the physical loss or damage of such items


  • Production Office Contents & Cash - covers accidental damage to furniture, computers & other office contents, as well as loss of money intended for the production due to theft under threat

Depending on the needs of your production, the following types of insurance covers can be added at affordable rates:
  • Non-Appearance - covers financial losses due to delays or abandonment in the event of accident or illness of the insured person/s


  • Cancellation - covers financial losses due to the cancellation, interruption or postponement of the production for any reason beyond your control

  • Drone Shoot - covers 3rd party liability & damage to equipment


  • Group Personal Accident for cast & crew - reimburses medical expense that arises due an accident. pays out lump-sum benefit in the case of death or permanent disablement

Premium starts from $500+!

Policies are competitively priced to suit all budgets.

Student films can be insured as a bundle to save on premiums. 

Download Film-All-Risk Proposal Form
FAR Application form

Many producers of films & content for broadcast are taking up Professional Indemnity/ E&O insurance. Read more about it on our Professional Indemnity page. 

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