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Equipment +

Personal Accident Package

This insurance cover has been taken up by:

  • ​Cinematographers

  • Drone pilots

  • Sound recordists

  • Photographers

  • Grips

  • Gaffers

Affordable & fuss-free. Starts from $220/year.
What's Equipment All-Risk Insurance?

It is an insurance policy specially designed to protect all types of media equipment against accidental damage, fire, and loss of use. The policy pays for repair costs if the damaged equipment is repairable. If the equipment is damaged beyond repair or irrecoverable, the policy pays for the cost of a replacement.


Here are some of the main features:

  • Covers company-owned equipment

  • Option to include equipment owned by freelancers & rental houses while these equipment are being used on your project

  • Local, Asia or Worldwide coverage available


Please note that this policy can only be purchased by a registered company.

For more information, please read our Equipment FAQ blog. 

Drones can be covered as part of your insurance package or as a standalone policy. Please see Drone Cover.

What's Personal Accident insurance?

Should your job require the handling of electrical equipment, you'll need Personal Accident insurance, which provides you with worldwide 24/7 protection.


The premium rates of Personal Accident plans are tiered according to the perceived risk exposure of various occupations. You'll be charged a higher premium if your job involves 'riskier' activities such as working from heights or the handling of electrical equipment.

Most off-the-rack Personal Accident plans are NOT designed to cover occupations that involve the handling of specialized media equipment. However, Starlight has identified affordable insurance plans that can cover media professionals during work & off-work. 

Underwritten by an international insurer, these are some of the benefits offered:

- Medical Expenses Reimbursement due to accidents

- Broken Bones, Permanent Disablement & Death due to accidents

- Weekly Temporary Disablement Benefit

- Daily Hospital Cash Benefit
- Recuperation Benefit

- Bereavement Grant

Benefits of a Equipment-All-Risk + Personal Accident Insurance Package
Are you looking for insurance for your filming, video or sound equipment? Stalight tells you more about Equipment-All-Risk insurance.
  • Convenient - having 1 packaged policy saves you the hassle of handling multiple insurance renewals

  • Cost-saving - as compared to taking up a separate insurance policy for every project 

  • Full-Protection - covers you & your gear throughout the year 

  • Affordable - premium for Personal Accident insurance starts from $220/year per person, for a sum insured of $100,000! (The premium rate is available only with this package)

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