5 tips to make travel claims easier

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Travel claims are one of the most common insurance claims made, as travel insurance covers a whole slew of things that can go wrong when one is travelling in a foreign country.

Whether you are insured with a Personal or Corporate travel insurance plan, the steps in filing a claim are similar as most insurers keep to a standard procedure.

Here are some pointers to have in mind:

1. Have important documents on hand

  • Flight tickets and boarding passes - Don’t throw away them after your trip! Hold on to them for at least for a few days as these are essential documents when filing a claim. If you are using e-tickets or e-boarding passes, keep the soft-copies.

  • Purchase receipts of company properties and personal belongings - The receipts of important items that you bring on your trips should be kept in case any of them get damaged or lost during one of your travels.

  • Medical receipts and Doctor's memo - Whether you are seeing a doctor while overseas or after your return, be sure to ask for a doctor’s memo. If you are seeing the doctor after your trip, ask the doctor to indicate on the memo that the onset of the condition occurred while you were overseas.

2. Notify the insurance company of medical emergencies immediately

If you have developed a medical condition overseas and decide to shorten your trip, notify the insurance company immediately either by calling the International Medical Assistance Hotline or contacting the customer service. Both of these numbers should be available on the website of the insurance company.

Find out from the insurance company if you could claim for additional travel expense, such as the booking of new return air tickets. If possible, get an in-principle approval from them first. It may be difficult for you to file a claim for such expenses if you had returned to your home country without first notifying them of these additional expenses.

3. When you discover a loss, file a report immediately

  • For lost or damaged baggage - lodge a report to the airport authorities. The report is an essential document when you file an insurance claim.

  • Theft/loss of passport, wallet, or other items while overseas - file a report with the local police within 24 hours.

4. Take a photo of any damaged item/s

As soon as you discover the damage, snap a shot of it. This will come in handy as the insurance company will ask for proof of damage.

5. Submit all supporting documents

Read through the claim form (usually available online) and submit all the necessary documents. The claims team will need all the documents to file & process a claim. Any missing documents will cause delays to the claiming process.

A special note on Corporate Travel insurance:

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