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6 reasons why media & arts companies need Corporate Travel Insurance

Now that Covid-19 restrictions are getting lifted, media & arts companies are resuming their travels for overseas productions. However, companies may be unaware that most off-the-rack travel insurance plans exclude professional photography & filming from the coverage of the policy.

This means that if the insured person is carrying out professional photography or filming work while overseas, the travel policy may not pay out if he/she gets injured.

Media & arts companies should consider getting Corporate Travel insurance instead. Here are 6 reasons why.

1. It’s designed to protect staff while at work.

The occupation of each insured staff needs to be declared during the application. The insurer may ask for more details on job duties before issuing the policy. After the policy is effected, the insurer is obliged to honour their contract if an insured staff is injured while working overseas.

2. Freelancers can be covered too.

That’s good news to companies! Companies will need to define the job duties of the freelancers during application.

3. It contains benefits not found in Personal Travel Insurance.

One such benefit is the “Replacement Employee Benefit”. Should a travelling employee be unable to fulfil his duties due to a serious injury or illness, the policy pays for the travel expenses of another employee to take his/her place.

Another notable benefit is the “Missed Event Benefit”, which provides compensation should an employee miss an event due to serious, unforeseen circumstances.

4. Group policies can be issued on “Unnamed” basis.

Most insurers allow for companies who are getting group policies for 5 or more staff to opt for headcount policies. Only the number of staff that are insured and their occupations will be stated in the policy. This saves companies the hassle of declaring staff movement and buying travel policies for new hires.

5. Some plans allow leisure trips to be covered for additional premiums.

Companies will need to decide if they want to offer this benefit to their staff. Some companies prefer staff to purchase their own insurance for personal overseas trips, while others sees this as an incentive to reward good work performance.

6. Premiums are super affordable

Corporate Travel Insurance policies have been in the market for a long time. They are competitively priced as there are many plans in the market, with premiums and coverage that are similar to leisure travel insurance.

Starlight ensures that the Corporate Travel insurance plans that we recommend to our clients cover media & arts occupations. Premium starts from S$171 for an annual plan.

Contact us for more information.


Additional Information on Corporate Travel insurance: Most policies are annual plans, single trips are not available. Hence, companies need to ascertain if their staff is travelling often enough to justify getting an annual plan.

As the name suggests, Corporate Travel insurance only available to registered companies. However, there is no restriction on the minimum size of the company. This means that media & arts professionals who have registered companies can apply for a policy. Please note that any payout from the policy will be made to the company.

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