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How I helped a serial career-switcher find her true calling| PART 4 JOBSEARCH, BRANDING, INTERVIEW

(This is the finale of a 4-part series. If you have missed out on the earlier parts, please read introduction to Lynette (part 1), Gaining Career Clarity (part 2), and Functional Resume (part 3))

Using on Job Portals

So Lynette was really pleased with her new resume which was written in the Functional Resume format and started sending job applications through LinkedIn, Cult Jobs and MyCareersfuture. We worked together to customise her resume to every application & ensure that the ATS is working in her favour.

These efforts paid off. For the first time, she experienced success! Lynette received call-ups from a handful of companies. However, the shortlisting process took a while due to Covid-19 restrictions and the job market wasn't at its best.

Leveraging on Professional Branding & Networking

Lynette was open to trying out every avenue possible. To improve her professional branding, we revised her LinkedIn profile, featured her professional works in several new posts and worked on growing her network. She was beginning to look like a real marketing professional!

In part 1, we talked about how Lynette dealt with the grief of changing careers by catching up with friends and ex-colleagues. Re-connecting wasn’t only good for her healing, it did wonders to her jobsearch as well. Her contacts in the music industry gave her a heads-up on which companies were possibly hiring. Using her networking skills, she was able to get referred to the hiring managers, and was shortlisted for 2 interviews!

Lynette was elated but fearful at the same time. These interviews were precious opportunities, and she didn’t want to underperform. We had a few sessions of interview role-play to prepare her. She had to undergo a personality assessment and give a mock presentation and we prepared for those as well.

One of the companies thought that she had the potential for a managerial position - because her new functional resume highlighted her team management experience and the leadership course that she took. (see part 3 – Putting together a Functional Resume)

Lynette attended 5 rounds of interview with that company and was offered a Regional Marketing Manager role! She was over the moon as this offer far exceeded her expectations. Not only was she back in the music industry, (which was her first love), she has the opportunity to flex her new-found abilities in digital marketing and hone her leadership skills.

When I caught up with Lynette in recent weeks, she was preparing for an overseas business trip to and was settling down well in her job. Till today, I’m truly amazed at her amazing journey, and very humbled that I could give her support at a time when she needed a new career direction.

Insights: Getting Job Referrals

With the prevalence of job boards, we are led to think that applying for advertised jobs is the most effective way of landing a job.

In actual fact, studies have shown that 80% of jobs aren’t even advertised – as they are already filled up before the need to advertise, mostly through referrals. This is what we call, “the Hidden Job Market”.

Increase your chances of getting job referrals by networking with fellow professionals and building a professional reputation by posting frequently on LinkedIn (& other social media platforms). Getting a job referral takes way more effort than sending a cold job application, but it’ll certainly increase your chances of success.

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About the Author

Peiling, Chan is a certified Career Coach with a background in media & theatre. In 2011, she founded Starlight & has been working closely with stakeholders in the creative industry since then. She helps:

- professionals & students build fulfilling careers through career exploration, resume & portfolio review, interview preparation & job matching.

- business owners acquire cost-effective insurance coverage for film shoots, stage performances, events & exhibitions, media equipment, drones & more.

In her free time, she indulges in gourmet coffee and catches up on the latest Iphone hacks :-)

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