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Why is Professional Indemnity insurance important for companies & Professionals in Asia?

In countries with mature media & art industries, it is a norm for companies & professionals to be insured with Professional Indemnity. With the Asian economies developing at such a fast pace & cross-borders collaboration becoming common, many companies & professionals are exposed to increasing risks locally and overseas.

Companies & professionals in the creative industry are constantly creating new content and working with multiple parties, inadvertently increasing the exposure to risks. Regardless of how experienced you or your team may be, you can still make mistakes or overlook certain details in your work.

With clients being increasingly aware of their rights to pursue compensation, you could be held responsible for a client’s ‘financial losses’, if the losses were proven to be the result of your professional negligence.

What is Professional Indemnity insurance?

Also known as “Errors and Omission” or "Media Liability" (specific to the media industry), such insurance policies protect you from claims arising from:

· Breach of contract to perform professional services

· Negligence

· Misrepresentation

· Inaccurate advice

· Copyright & other Intellectual property infringement

· Loss of documents

· Defamation

Any dispute could be detrimental to business, not to mention the stress that comes with handling a lawsuit! With Professional Indemnity insurance, you can be assured that any civil liability arising from a breach of your professional duties will be taken care of.

Professional Indemnity could be an essential cover for the following:

Companies specializing in:

  • Commercials & Interstitial production

  • Advertising

  • Product design

  • Publishing

  • Music composing & design

  • Theatre production​

Freelance Professionals:

· Directors & Producers

· Copywriters, Research/ Screenwriters

· Director of Photography

· Sound Recordists

· Photographers

· Graphics & Product Designers

· Instructors & choreographers

Depending on your needs, the policy can be issued to cover a specific project or for an entire year.

Starlight has helped film producers arranged for Professional Indemnity insurance for feature films & documentaries meant for international release. Contact us directly to find out more.

About Starlight

We have been the trusted partner for many business owners & freelancers in the creative industry since 2011. We help

  • business owners acquire cost-effective insurance coverage such as Film-All-Risk, Public Liability, Equipment-All-Risk, E&O.

  • professionals & students power-up their careers through career exploration, resume & portfolio review, interview preparation & job matching.

Drop us a note for more information.

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