Work-injury & Liability Insurance for Media Freelancers & Students

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Many media companies engage freelancers for a gamut of services. It is important that every hired person is adequately insured - whether hired to work from home, in the company’s office or on projects outside of the office.

Shouldn’t freelancers have their own insurance?

All working professionals, whether they are self-employed or employees of a company ought to have their own insurance policies.

This include personal insurance such as Health policies which cover hospitalisation expenses, Personal Accident policies which caters to accidents and Term and Life policies which offer payout should one be permanently disabled or passes on.

Business-related insurance would include Equipment All Risk Insurance for self-owned equipment and Professional Indemnity insurance which protect certain occupations against lawsuits.

If freelancers have their own insurance, is there a need for company’s to insure them?

The freelancers’ own insurance policies are unlikely to cover them for a wide range of liabilities while working on a company’s projects.

Say if a freelancer accidentally damages a rented camera or if a light stand that was set up by a freelancer crashes onto a passerby - such situations would be more appropriately covered by the company’s insurance policies.

For companies and freelance professionals based in Singapore, kindly visit the TS Media Freelancer website to find out more about guidelines on insurance.

Freelancers can be covered as part of a Company’s annual insurance package

Many insurers offers off-the-rack insurance policies meant for SMEs. As these policies are meant for a wide range of businesses, they are unlikely to offer all the protection required by media Companies.

Starlight’s insurance package are designed specifically for Media Companies. Find out about our cost-effective packages.

Do Companies need to get Work-Injury insurance for Students?

Some public tertiary institutions have Work Injury insurance which protects students while working on internship programmes arranged through the schools.

Depending on the terms of the insurance policy, these policies may not cover students who are working on freelance or voluntary basis. Do check with the schools for more information.

Companies can get Work-injury insurance for students who are not covered by their schools’ WIC insurance. Students should also get Personal Accident insurance for their own protection.