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Public Liability Insurance

Protects against damage/injuries to 3-parties. Covers single or multiple locations, overseas projects

Activities that needs this cover: 

  • Outdoor filming 

  • Photography

  • Events, performance

  • Exhibitions

What if a passerby trips over a tripod stand and holds you liable for his injury, or if your faulty equipment causes a blackout in a mall?

As much as you try to be careful, accidents do happen. Even if your project is held within an ‘enclosed’ space, say an apartment, your team may accidentally cause damage to neighboring units while moving equipment.

Public Liability insurance is also known as Commercial General Liability or 3rd-Party Insurance.  It protects a business from claims made by a member of the public or other third parties. Claims can be for damage to private (or public) property or personal injury.

Policy Duration: 

Short-term - taken up for specific projects and has a specific start & end date

Annual - taken up as a package with other types of insurance that's essential for your business

Geographical Limits:

Both annual or short-term policies can be issued to cover:

  1. Within your home country only

  2. Within Asia

  3. Worldwide

More about Public Liability Insurance

It covers the action of employees while they are acting on behalf of your business.

It is an important coverage for outdoor projects. Many locations like hotels, malls, government buildings, and airports require for companies to have Public Liability insurance before granting permission to use their premises. Most businesses would have their own Public Liability insurance. However, should you be entering their premise to conduct work, you would need your own Public Liability policy.

What's NOT covered by a Public Liability Policy? 

Public Liability Insurance protects a company from claims made by 3rd parties - for instance, passersby or neighboring properties. Here are some examples of persons & properties that are NOT considered "3rd parties":

Injuries to employees, part-time staff, crew, talents

Employees will be correctly insured under Work Injury Compensation insurance and freelancers under Group Personal Accident insurance. Find out more on our Company Package page.

Damage to props, sets, wardrobe, personal belongings of your personnel

Should you wish to insure these items, please refer to our Film Production page or Event Insurance page.


Damage to company-owned & rented equipment

Should you wish to insure these items, please refer to our Media Equipment page.

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